Anyone trying to promote a site on the web should be familiar with the fundamentals of SEO. Ill write here my experiences and applied practices from installing meta tags for a WordPress blog (this one!) to obtaining natural search traffic on an e-commerce site.

Setting up WordPress

WordPress out of the box isn’t configured optimally for search engines. For starters there are no “description” and “keywords” meta-tags in the header of each page. These should be different for each of your posts so that when your page appears in a search engine the blob about your site is specific to the page being displayed in the search results.

Meta Tags

Install the Add-Meta-Tags WordPress Plug-in which, when you create custom fields “description” and “keywords” for your post, will insert the description and keywords meta tags for you between the <head></head> tags.

Title Tag

I followed the guide at How to Generate Perfect WordPress Title Tags without a Plugin

Google Analytics

In order to know who is coming from where and doing what on your site you should setup Google Analytics. I didn’t use any plug-in, just setup an account with Google and pasted the tracker just before the closing </head> tag in the header file which you can edit in WordPress Appearance–>Editor–>Header.php


Install the Google XML Sitemaps plugin to automatically generate a sitemap for the most popular search engines. Its automatically regenerated every time a new post is created.