About Me

Kamil Wasilewski (Kam)

I am an engineer which means I solve problems by tearing them into small chunks, conceptualizing and building a complete product be it software, electrical, mechanical but preferably a mix of all three, some financial modeling, web and operations in the mix are fair game also. My full name is long, Kamil Wasilewski, and (to my surprise) hard to pronounce which is why Ive made everyone’s life easier by adopting the nickname “Kam” (pronounced: cam).

In 2009 I completed my MS in Electrical Engineering (in the Mechanical Engineering department!) at Yale University. I worked on several research projects at Yale namely: Wireless Sensor Networks, A haptic seat for increasing driver awareness, YIPDOR and the Yale Hybrid Formula car. I was on the PhD track at Yale but have since tackled other projects. Previously, in 2007, I received a BS in Computer Science and another BS in Computer and Systems Engineering from RPI.

Links to articles about my work and me:

IEEE Spectrum The Danger-Sensing Driver’s Seat: “Morrell’s lab has designed a car seat that acts as a tactile interface between the driver and the environment. It uses vibrating motors as well as servos that press on the driver’s back to signal the location of a following car.”

Yale Team Racing To Glory“Misas and Kamil Wasilewski GRD ’09, a student from Morrell’s laboratory, decided to take on the project and build a hybrid car from scratch.”

Parachuting Accident“A Schenectady man was killed after jumping without a parachute from a small skydiving plane Saturday afternoon over Duanesburg, State Police said.”

Alliance Aims To Rethink Network Computing and Communications“The consortium, which is funded through the United States Army Research Laboratory and the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence, will receive up to $138 million over the next 10 years to rethink network computing and communications.”

New alliance plans to explore the effectiveness of wireless sensors“Szymanski, a professor of computer science as well as director of the Center for Pervasive Computing and Networking at RPI, will look to explore more advanced and effective wireless sensor networks in urban areas with the help of his team. Three Rensselaer students will be working on this project under Szymanski’s supervision: doctoral students Joel Branch and Mark Lisee and Kamil Wasilewski ’06.”

Contact: kw [at]